Monday, December 19, 2016

Visiting the Beach in Art Class!

DK-2nd grades have been creating sand sculptures on our "Fun Fridays" in Art class to try to escape the cold Michigan weather. Students were challenged to create snowmen and other winter-themed sculptures with "magic sand" that was donated by our friends at The Outlet. Thank you!!!

KDL Plainfield Winter Art Show 2016-17

North Oakview Art will be featured at the KDL Plainfield library location in the children's area from December 19 through the end of February! Selected artists will be notified that their Art is on display. Everyone is invited to view the artwork and while you're there, you can grab a good book to read during break. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tis the Season!

4th graders have been working on their watercolor painting nutcrackers in Art class and eagerly anticipating their Unified Arts field trip to the Grand Rapids Ballet production of The Nutcracker. The North PTC has so graciously funded this trip for the last 3 years as a part of a collaborative U.A. unit on the history, craft, music, and literature background of the story of The Nutcracker.

We are also putting the finishing touches on a larger-than-life paper mache sculpture with hopes to display it every year.  Stay tuned for pictures of the sculpture in progress!