Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School-Art Newsletter

North Oakview 
Art News
September - 2014
I am excited to be teaching Art at North Oakview again this year!  There are many fun lessons planned for your student to be engaged in.  Because learning in Art class can be messy most days, please note which day of the week your child will have art and try to avoid new/nice clothing that day of the week. We will always wear Art smocks but it's good to be prepared for the day.

This is what you can expect your child to be learning in Art this year:
The elementary visual arts program enables students to see connections in the ever changing visual culture and how that impacts their lives.  Emphasis is placed on the process of exploring a variety of subject, media, technique and themes through studio activity, and discussion about works of art to develop critical thinking, communication and visual literacy skills.

Kindergarten- Our students will:
          develop independence
          explore a variety of art materials and use them safely and appropriately
          improve fine motor skills
          explore the basic elements of art: line, color, shape and texture
          describe what is seen, both literal and expressive, in selected works of art
          look at and discuss art from a variety of times and places

1st and 2nd Grade- Our students will:
          demonstrate independence
          accept diversity in art: historically, culturally and personally
          apply prior skill development
          participate in discussions about works of art: compare and contrast, communication of moods and emotion
          expand their understanding of the elements and principles of design
          explore universal themes such as environment, community, human issues and communication

3rd and 4th Grade- Our students will:
          know and apply the use of tools, materials, techniques and processes of art
          participate in discussions about works of art: compare and contrast, analyze and interpret the meaning of a work of art, communication of moods and emotion
          use visual art vocabulary when discussing art
          explore universal themes used by artists such as environment, community, human issues and communication
          apply problem solving and divergent thinking skills in the creative process
          recognize and appreciate diversity in art

I also plan to continue our participation on the art website Artsonia with which I photograph your student’s artwork and place it online for friends and family to view. If you are new to this program, you will be receiving a permission form to allow your child’s artwork to be shown online soon.  Our Artsonia website is at school.asp?id=8536

I am looking forward to another fun and successful school year filled with wonderful artwork to create, share and enjoy together! 
~Mrs. Haugen