Monday, January 30, 2017

Melting Crayons in the Art Room!

Getting Ready for the BIG Art Show!

Our North Oakview Art Show is coming up in 2 weeks on Monday, February 13, 2017! Students are putting their finishing touches on their artwork and I will be mailing it into the Artome company today. The Artome company professional frames every single students artwork then will help set up our show at the Performing Arts Center. Parents have the opportunity to buy the frame with their childrens artwork the night of the show. Any framed artwork that is not purchased will be shipped back and returned at a later date without the frame. Please invite your friends, family, and everyone you know to celebrate all of the hard work and creativity that our artists have done.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

WHO: You, your family friends...EVERYONE!
    ALL North Art students will have a work on display!!!

WHAT: A huge Art show with DK-4th grade
        -455+ pieces of Art!

WHEN: February 13th 5:30-7:30
        -same time as the 1st & 2nd grade Music Concert


WHY: To celebrate your creativity in Art class
        -to raise $ for future awesome Art projects

3rd Grade Grand Rapids Art Museum Field Trip

3rd graders had an amazing time visiting the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) to participate in this year’s Language Artists Program!

Language Artists is a strategic partnership with area school districts. This nationally recognized arts and literacy program combines the powerful role of art with a year-long unit of study that promotes student achievement and cultural citizenship through active learning and direct engagement with the Art Museum.

Now that the 3rd graders have been to the GRAM, they will be using that inspiration to create hybrid animal artwork in Art class. After the artwork is complete, they will write narrative describing it in their classrooms. Make sure to check our Artsonia for completed animal artwork!

The cost for this field trip was provided grants written by the GRAM and transportation by our North PTC.Thank you PTC!!!