Thursday, September 4, 2014

ArtPrize 2014

As an educator, I use ArtPrize in the classroom to start a conversation about "What is Art?" We talk about how Art is used as a form of communication, to express feelings/emotions, to provoke, to think about big ideas, and as an outlet for creativity. We also use Visual Thinking Strategies to talk about what Art means to us personally. There are no right or wrong answers as all students bring different background knowledge and experience to their viewing process. I emphasize that we are daily active decoders of visual language and constantly "reading" what artists create. ArtPrize is such an amazing local opportunity to use VTS and to be exposed to such a wide variety of Art. I challenge all of my elementary students to get out there, explore with their families, and ask the question "What is Art".

To find out more information about ArtPrize, click the link below. I hope to see you downtown at ArtPrize!

Northview Art Department

Northview Art teachers at our beginning of the year district kickoff! We all designed our own aprons based around artists that inspire us. We are so excited to start inspiring all of our young artists this school year!